UVF2R402: Mobile networks - Fall 2006/2007

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Mobile networks are characterized by a very specific terminal-network interface because of the nature of the radio operator medium. Whatever the system considered (GSM, UMTS, WIMax, etc), the same principles of re-use of frequencies, beacon channel, random access are found. Moreover, user mobility requires adapted procedures within the core network. "Mobile Networks" option presents the fundamental concepts to be found on radio interfaces and mobility management. It also presents the services offered by mobile networks.
Location  : RENNES
Coordinator  : Jean-Marie BONNIN
Co-Coordinator  : Géraldine TEXIER
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MS RSM  : 6
Dernière màj le 23-NOV-06 par RETIF
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F2R402A GSM-GPRS Air interface .   Validée 11-07-06
F2R402B Mobile data networks .   Validée 11-07-06
F2R402C Mobile Services .   Validée 11-07-06
F2R402D Radio Access is UMTS .   Validée 10-03-06

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