INT173 : Introduction to Image based modeling and simulation in Biomechanics

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Code analytique: EDOINT173
Responsable  : Valérie BURDIN
Co-responsable  : Bhushan BOROTIKAR
Programmé en UVINT173

Présentation :

This is an introductory course that covers the fundamental understanding of medical imaging and its relevance in the development of musculoskeletal modeling for the applications in the area of orthopaedic biomechanics and rehabilitation. The course has two parts. First is Introduction to image analysis and medical imaging techniques and examples. Second is Introduction to image based musculoskeletal model building.
The need for such a dedicated short program in biomedical computing was identified by many research funding agencies including the Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative at the NIH, which stated an "extraordinary demand for people with good education in both biomedicine and computing" but "only a few cross-disciplinary training programs exist".

Pré-requis :

Interest in medical imaging.

Volume horaire : 21h

Contenu détaillé :

In an attempt to bridge this gap, researchers at Telecom and at LaTIM have created this intermediary course which definitely stands to benefit the students in deciding their future research or career direction. The first part will be taught in French language while the second part will be delivered in English. The specific aims are to 1. Build on the existing knowledge of the participants in image analysis, mathematics and physics to create field specific expertise in biomechanical problems that arise in current biomedical research and clinical practice. 2. With a basic introduction in musculoskeletal modeling, provide participants with training in the numerical methods, image analysis, and computational tools necessary to carry out end-to-end, image based, subject specific simulations in orthopedic biomechanics, mostly using freely available software.

Année 2016/2017
Dernière mise à jour le 25-OCT-16
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