F4B413C : Robotique médicale

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Code analytique: EDF04B503
Responsable  : Chafiaa HAMITOUCHE
Co-responsable  : Valérie BURDIN
Programmé en UVF4B413

Présentation :

This intensive course is teached by the team of Prof. De Mathelin, Head of the iCube lab (Telecom Physique Strasbourg and Unistra).
Three parts of the medical robotics will be explored: Fundamental of robotics, Robot vision, Medical robotics and computer aided surgery.
The visit of the IRCAD center, equipped with an experimental lab dedicated to training in laparoscopic surgery and practical work will complete the course.

Teaching staff: Olivier Kermorgan, Florent Nageotte, Adlane Habed, Stéphane Nicolau, Didier Mutter, Hyewon Seo, Michel de Mathelin.

Objectifs pédagogiques :

  • To understand the necessary knowledge in order to start research projects in the area of medical robotics;
  • To understand the specific constraints of an operating room;
  • To become able to analyze medical procedure in order to provide adapted assistive technologies and systems.
  • To know the robotics devices and systems (sensors, actuators, mechanical structures, control architectures, …) used for computer aided surgery;

Objectifs (obsolète):

Pré-requis :

F14B202, ouverture biomédicale

Volume horaire : 12h

Contenu détaillé :

Fundamental of robotics :
- Modeling and parametrization of articulated objects in 3D space
- Forward and inverse kinematics
- Differential kinematics and control
Robot vision :
- Vision models
- 3D reconstruction
- Calibration
Medical robotics and computer aided surgery:
- Medical robotis main characteristics
- Operating room equipment
- Basis of laparoscopic surgery and NOTES
- Sensors, registration and visual servoing
- Augmented reality
- Geometric modelling
- Virtual reality
- Haptics and telemanipulation

Travaux personnels encadrés :

Practical work :
• Kinematic control of robot in Cartesian space and image based visual servoing
• Experimental laboratory in the surgical suite of IRCAD

Année 2016/2017
Dernière mise à jour le 08-FEB-16
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