UVINT173 : Introduction to Image based modeling and simulation in Biomechanics - Automne 2016/2017

Programmé en MSC 1A DECN Automne
FIP 3A IR Automne
FIP 3A RT Automne
MSC 1A ISPMC Automne
MSC 1A TSE Automne
IG 2A Automne
MSC 1A CSDS Automne
IG 1A Automne
This is an introductory course that covers the fundamental understanding of medical imaging and its relevance in the development of musculoskeletal modeling for the applications in the area of orthopaedic biomechanics and rehabilitation. The course has two parts. First is Introduction to anatomy and medical imaging techniques and tools. Second is introduction to image based musculoskeletal model building using freely available software.
Localisation  : BREST
Responsable  : Valérie BURDIN
Domaine  : Activités Hors-Domaines
Module(s) obligatoire(s)
Credits MSC 1A DECN  : 2
Credits FIP 3A ETRANGER  : 2
Credits FIP 3A IR  : 2
Credits FIP 3A RT  : 2
Credits MSC 1A ISPMC  : 2
Credits MSC 1A TSE  : 2
Credits IG 2A  : 2
Credits MSC 1A CSDS  : 2
Credits IG 1A  : 2
Dernière màj le 25-OCT-16 par BURDIN
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INT173 Introduction to Image based modeling and simulation in Biomechanics V.Burdin B.Borotikar Incomplète 25-10-16

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