The engineering project enables students to carry out personal work between Oct 2006 and Mar 2007 for a duration of 120 hours. Through enriched learning in a technical field the student use this know-how to propose a solution to a real problem (unlike practical work in school for example). The proposed subject will require the student to analyse the problem and reflect on a way to tackle it. The subject will be related to one of the themes of computer or network research of ENST Bretagne. It may be suggested by an industrialist.
The resulting work must be of high quality and include ; a bibliographique study, a computer developement (which may be demonstrated), an operational report and a technical report. Finally the work will be presented to two juries and once in a forum.

Duration: 120h



Recommended reading

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Page de la bibliothèque de l'école qui contient de nombreuses références :


"Présentation des rapports de stage et de projet, recommandation pour les documents imprimés", Françoise NADOT, Université de Bretagne Sud


-le rapport court des 2 lauréats du prix 2006 de la Fondation Louis Le Prince Ringuet

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