F2R402D: Radio Access is UMTS

Coordinator:  Xavier LAGRANGE   


CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access, is the radio interface technology of UMTS. This technology allows high capacity and good adaptation for multimedia systems.
The first part of this module is about the principles of cellular CDMA systems. Then, the radio interface and the architecture of UMTS, specifically the radio access network and its protocols are described.
OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multeplexing) is a very promising and now widely-used transmission technology and multiple access system. It is used in WLAN, Wireless Local Area Network, IEEE 802.11a. The concepts of OFDM and details about its application are also part of this module.

Duration: 5h


Scheduled activities

  • TP 1 (3h)   TP GSM_SHOW
  • TP 2 (3h)   TP VIGIE sur GPRS


  TP 1
  TP 2
 Xavier LAGRANGE  x x
 Loutfi NUAYMI  x x

  Year 2006/2007
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