ISA-MODE: Decision modelling



In work one must sometimes take decisions in fields where one is not necessarily expert.
Understanding the behaviour of an expert decision-maker is an essential fore-runner to setting up interactive and ergonomic systems.
This also allows us to elaborate performance enhancing tools.
Where expertise is unavailable metodologies and software (often interactive) can be employed to help decision making.
The aim of this module is is to present a panorama, going from models of individual decision making to multicriteria aid techniques for decision making.

Duration: 21h



 Jean-Pierre BARTHÉLEMY 
 Philippe LENCA 

Recommended reading

# J.-P. Barthélemy, 2000, Le sauvetage de l'âne, notes de cours.
# B. Roy & D. Bouyssou, 1993, Aide multicritère à la décision : méthodes et cas, Paris : Economica.
# P. Vincke, 1989, L'aide multicritère à la décision, Ellipses.

  Year 2006/2007
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