F1B502A: Engineering of Integrated Radio Frequency systems

Coordinator:  Fabrice SEGUIN   


In this option students learn about integrated communications systems which use radiofrequency techniques to exchange information. It comprises three modules :

1) Engineering of Integrated Radio Frequency systems (21Hrs / J.P. Coupez)
15hrs of courses and 6Hrs of small classses/consultancy course of analysis and design of the systems in question. Developement and validation of specific architectures when the system is integrated on a single chip or on SoC.

2) Emerging technologies (12hrs / F. Seguin)
Identifying technologies (SiGe, AsGa, Mems, etc...) which are or will be used in the near future for putting such systems into operation.All these aspects will be illustrated in conferences given by visiting lecturers.
3) study of wireless systems (30hrs / C. Person)
This module consists of 9 hours of consultancy courses and 21 hours of Practical work.
This is in fact a mini project based on knowledge acquired in the previous two modules. Starting from specifications linked to a communication standard (which could be WiMax, bluetooth, WiFi, etc...) the student must define, design and integrate the system using professional computer-assisted design tools such as Cadence or ADS.

Duration: 63h



  Year 2006/2007
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