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ENST Bretagne is empowered to grant Master degrees jointly with four higher education establishments in Brittany (ENSSAT Université de Rennes 1, INSA Rennes, ENIB, UBS Université de Bretagne Sud): the Master in "Sciences, Technologies and Health Care" (STT) of the Université de Rennes 1, research speciality "Physics, Photonics and Optics in Telecommunications".
The second year of this Masters degree has two options: the first in Brest called 'Networks and Systems', the second in Lannion called 'Component physics and Optic functions'
Part of the lessons (3units out of 6 in total)is common to both options and forms the core of the course. They can be given simultaneously on both sites by video-conference. Other courses are specific for each option.
The aim of this Masters degree is to offer post-graduate students high level scientific and technical training in optics telecommunication and phototonics.
The two main pedagogical aims are reinforcing the theory and the methodology of scientific subjects and opening the way to working methods of research
Professional prospects offered by the research Master degree are aimed principally at Research and Development careers following a PhD and leading to the following jobs:
- higher education research, CNRS research,
- research in public institutions such as : CNRS, CEA, ONERA…
- R and D in private or semi-privatecompanies or laboratories,
- Private sector management.


A solid foundation in basic physics: optics, electromagetism, signal processing, solid state physics.
Le parcours en deuxième année ENST Bretagne n’est pas assimilable à la première année de master M1. Néanmoins, une dispense de M1 peut-être octroyée à un élève ingénieur de deuxième année de l'ENST Bretagne. L’élève devra en faire la demande et pourra alors être accepté en M2 suite à l’accord du jury souverain.


This module is reserved for 3rd-year engineering students enrolled in DNM PHYPHOTON with the aim of receiving a Masters degree in "Sciences, Technologies and Health-Care" (STT) of the Université de Rennes 1, research speciality "Physics, Photonics and Optics in Telecommunications". See Prerequisite for inscription.
In order to validate this second year of Masters degree the theory part of the first semester consists of 6 teaching units(UV) but engineering students can replace one UV with an academic mark. The other UVs are validated by an examination (see below).The second semester is followed by a research initiation placement lasting 16 weeks.
In this module it is possible to follow part of the training required to obtain the DNM PHYPHOTON in Networks and Systems.

Duration: 30h


In the first semester the theory part consists of 6 teaching units of 24 hours each.
Units common to Brest and Lannion
- UE1 : Optic transmission system : optic amplification , regeneration and optic functions (Teachers: JC. Simon and T. Chartier ENSSAT, Lannion, video in Brest)
- UE2 : Optic functions for spacial processing (Teachers: JL. De Bougrenet and R. Chevalier, ENST Bretagne, Brest, video in Lannion)
- UE3 : Coherence and polarisation, spectroscopy of lasers (Teacher: P. Pellat-Finet, UBS – Video in Brest and Lannion)

Taeching units in Brest, option: Networks and systems
- UE4 A : Architecture and networks for optic telecommunications (Teachers: B Fracasso andP. Gravey, ENST Bretagne)
- UE5 A : Opto-electronic components active to semi-conductors (Teachers:Y. Boucher, J. Le Bihan and J. Chi, ENIB)
- UE6 A : Propagation in uni-dimensionnal structures (Teachers: Y. Boucher andJ. Chi, ENIB / P. Pellat-Finet, UBS).

Each unit is validated by an examination. The examinations relative to the 3 teaching units of the core are organised on each site concomitantly(same subject same day).
To help third year engineering students follow the DNM Phyphoton we propose the following programme:
- Two of these teaching units (UE1 et UE6)will take place on Thursday after-noons and are not strictly part of this module.
- Half the content of UE2 will be done in module F1B303c and the other half in module F14B202 "processing system"
- Teaching related to UE5 et UE4 will be done in this module. Part of UE4 will be seen in module F1B 5XX "Operator networks: from access to the core" .
- UE3, may be validated by aa academic mark, in agreement with the teachers and the head of the DNM.



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