UVF3B202: Economic and juridical issues in ITC - Fall 2006/2007

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The aim of this option is to provide students with general knowledge of the legal and economic impact on the spread of IT technologies. IT is considered as a tool which, because it is increasingly used by most business operators, modifies company strategy and can give rise to new legal and economic problems.

The option has two modules.
The first deals with the impact of the growing use of IT in business on company strategy. We are particularly interested in the impact this may have on productivity and, consequently, on economic growth, on strategy concerning location, partnerships and innovation, as well as business strategy and tarification. We shall address the following questions:
- Does the use of IT in companies make companies more "efficient" and does it lead to economic growth?
- Does IT allow companies to escape from geographical constraints and if so, how can we explain cluster behaviour?
- Does IT aid access, spread and sharing of knowledge and if so, how does it help innovation?
- Has e-commerce greatly modified business startegies, and in particular, what is its impact on prices?

The second module deals with the legal aspects linked with the development and use of ICTs. Indeed, this raises two major points.The use of ICTs as a tool within a business will modify the relations of the company with its emplyees but also with its global environment (customers, suppliers ...)and this will require specific legal frameworks, protection plans and specific modes of exploitation, all of which need to be examined closely.

Access conditions  : ISA and ESC Grenoble Unit
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Co-Coordinator  : Philippe PICOUET
Credits IG 3A  : 6
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