UVF3B201: Tools and models for human-machine interaction - Fall 2006/2007

MR 2A IHM Automne
IG 3A Automne
Main objectives of this option :
- (module 1) introduction to theory (cognitive psychology) necessary to understand the behaviour of information system users.
- (module 2) training in the principle algorithms of automatic learning with a view to being able to process data resulting from use of an information system so as to reformulate it in terms of behavioural categories as previously mentioned.
- (module 3) putting into practice the former theoretical approaches within a pragmatic specification and Man-Machine Interface design method which may then evolve to the adaptable, adapted or even adaptative status of the user.

Globally, this approach is not specific (finance, management, marketing, etc.) but may contribute to any of these fields given the generic nature one wishes to attribute to the term "user" or "information system".
Moreover, each of the three modules covers a number of models, tools or algorithms applicable to different frameworks or types of data, not only to traces left by use of a system (learning module in particular).
Access conditions  : - Open to other options
Location  : BREST
Coordinator  : Sorin MOGA
Co-Coordinator  : Philippe PICOUET
Credits MR 2A IHM  : 6
Credits IG 3A  : 6
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