UVF2R503: Deployment and security solutions - Fall 2006/2007

IG 3A Automne
MR 2A SRA Automne
This option addresses the deployment of security solutions. It begins with a module dealing with network audit, intrusion detection and security supervision. It then introduces risk analysis and assessment based on common criteria. Finally it covers the implementation of a policy of access control within a network, exploitation system and BDD environment.
Location  : RENNES
Coordinator  : Frédéric CUPPENS
Co-Coordinator  : Géraldine TEXIER
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MR 2A SRA  : 6
Dernière màj le 11-JUL-06 par GRAVOT
Code Intitulé
Co-resp. Etat
Date màj
Last update
F2R503A Audit and supervision of security .   Validée 05-09-06
F2R503B Engineering security policies .   Validée 07-07-06
F2R503C1 Risk analysis and assessment criteria .   Validée 11-07-06

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