UVF2R502: Deployment and performance of mobile networks - Fall 2006/2007

MR 2A SRA Automne
IG 3A Automne
MS RSM Automne
To obtain a network with good quality of service, it is necessary for the engineer not only to understand the principles of how the network functions (level 1 and 2 options) but also to understand its deployment methodology. This is particularly important in the mobile domain where parametering, dimensioning and installation options are crucial.
This module presents the theory behind this engineering and, via labwork and reference to case studies, puts the student in a deployment situation
Location  : RENNES
Coordinator  : Loutfi NUAYMI
Co-Coordinator  : Géraldine TEXIER
Credits MR 2A SRA  : 6
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MS RSM  : 6
Dernière màj le 11-JUL-06 par GRAVOT
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F2R501C Performance evaluation .   Validée 05-02-07
F2R502A Engineering of cell netorks .   Validée 11-07-06
F2R502B Deployment of 3G networks .   Validée 11-07-06
F2R502D Wireless Network Deployment .   A valider 02-03-07
F2R502E Implementation of services .   Validée 11-07-06

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