UVF2R403: Security - Fall 2006/2007

IG 3A Automne
MR 2A SRA Automne
This UV presents in-depth information system and data security. The concepts of policy and properties of security as well as a global and rigorous preventive solution of security are proposed. The security of the information systems by the reduction of the breaches of security, the deployment of security software, virology, java security, the cryptography and the protocols of security are also treated.
Location  : RENNES
Coordinator  : Frédéric CUPPENS
Co-Coordinator  : Géraldine TEXIER
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Dernière màj le 23-NOV-06 par RETIF
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F2R403A Cryptography and security protocols .   Validée 08-01-07
F2R403B Security policies for information systems .   Validée 07-07-06
F2R403C Setting up software and network security .   Validée 31-08-06

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