UVF2R101: Distributed Software Systems - Fall 2006/2007

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The software systems are essential for the network engineer working in sectors as various as telecommunications, multi-media, bank or electronic trade. The objective of this UV is to give to the future engineer the keys enabling him to conceive, develop, deploy and manage these complex software systems.
Two modules are devoted to the object technologies and present the essential concepts of modeling, analysis and object-oriented programming, now used for the construction of applications. The applications by nature being very often distributed, two other modules are devoted to the problems of the distribution of the code and/or the data with a particular accent related to the use of middleware as support for the execution of these applications.
Location  : RENNES
Coordinator  : Jean-Pierre LE NARZUL
Co-Coordinator  : Géraldine TEXIER
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MS RESIM  : 6
Credits MS RSM  : 6
Dernière màj le 14-OCT-05 par GTEXIER
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F2R101C Distributed systems .   Validée 05-07-06
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