UVF2B202: Information Systems Design and Evolution - Fall 2006/2007

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The aim of this module is to understand and master computer technologies used in modern Information Systems, focusing mainly on the sub-sytem of information processing and therefore excluding all electronic means of pure communication (mails, videoconfernces, etc.).

Resulting from a hierarchical and fractioned organisation, former IS used an architecture centred on Data Base Management Systems,(DBMS) extending as far as their methods and languages.

Evolution in the corporate world and also in models, computer methods and technologies have made relative the role of SBMS in IS. These systems have to open up to new types of data, new design models and new architectures.

This evolution alone cannot answer new corporate needs in terms of improving enterprise resource planning (ERP). But by integrating the computer tool in their relations with internal partners (other departments) or external relations (supplier, customer), the aim is to improve resource management (human or material) by progressively reorganising a part of the activity in the form of modelled processes in the form of workflow. The study of workflow models should lead to formalisation of the business process within the company and best use of resource management (human and material).

The objectives are:

- to master development technologies for applications in DBMS for contacts
- to understand difficulties of correspondance between object or contact aims
- to study modelling of the work process using workflow formalisation
- to discover new applications (ERP, OLAP) and corresponding models

Project work is done throughout the course and should give students a greater understanding of the different mechanisms involved.

Location  : BREST
Coordinator  : Philippe PICOUET
Co-Coordinator  : Siegfried ROUVRAIS
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MS ISIC  : 6
Credits MS TW3S  : 6
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