UVF14B202: Processing Systems - Fall 2006/2007

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This option presents students with a complete chain of solutions to concrete problems concerning information processing, from the acquisition of information to the solution to the problem posed, with an introduction to the most commonly used methods in the field. The option deals with information conveyed by images. It is organized in three parts to give students a complete view of the entire chain and the ability to acquire practical skills in the domain: Image acquisition and formation, Introduction to Image processing and analysis, Industrial applications. A significant part of the course covers the physical aspects of image acquisition (photometry, optical quality of an image ...) and its display (displays, human visual system), the first aspects of the processing chain to consider when dealing with robotic, telemanipulation or computer vision applications. In the final part of the option students apply these skills by working on concrete cases, starting with a simple case then by studying a complete industrial processing system, with the same sort of constraints – technical, economic – existing for the set-up of such systems within the real professional environment. Lectures give an overview of fields of application (industrial imaging, biomedical imaging, remote sensing, optics).
Location  : BREST
Co-Coordinator  : Raymond CHEVALLIER
Credits IG 3A  : 6
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