UVF12B501: Embedded Systems - Fall 2006/2007

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Embedded systems generally mean electronic systems embedded in equipment other than 'office computers' and include one or more core processors. Application domains concerned by these systems are more and more numerous: Multimedia, Telecommunications, Automobile, Avionics, Health care, Maritime...
Particularities of these systems are also numerous close cohabitation between hardware and software, low energy consumption, mobitily, real time, viability and interoperability.
These particularities and constraints imply repercussions on methods, levels and languages of specification, hard and soft ware architecture, design methodology and validation methodology.
This option presents and illustrates the various concepts related to the development of embarked systems.Specification, hard and soft ware architecture, design methodology and validation methodology are presented.
Recent techniques in the domain are studied through practical work on software and suitable prototype cards.
Location  : BREST
Coordinator  : Amer BAGHDADI
Co-Coordinator  : Jean-Marie GILLIOT
Credits IG 3A  : 6
Credits MS SCN  : 6
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