UVF4B301: Technologies avancées en communication et codage de l'information - Fall 2018/2019

IG 3A Automne
MSC2 IT/CSNE Automne
Recent evolutions in the communications sector have been determined by the combination of different needs: high rate communications exploiting frequency bands limited within a difficult environment, all with the possibility of being used by several users. Among mass market examples we can cite the 3rd generation of mobile phones (UMTS or 3G), digital television (TNT) and ADSL internet. The Unit begins by providing an overview of the difficulties encountered during these communications because of the presence of multiple paths and/or the presence of several users simultaneously; it presents various solutions applied today to combat degradation of transmission quality caused by interference problems. The computational complexity of optimal receivers (in the sense of maximum likelihood) is often such that it is sometimes preferable, in practice, to employ sub-optimal devices of more reasonable complexity, known as equalisers. According to the applications, one is directed towards SC transmission or MC transmission on OFDMs. The Unit is completed by the analysis of spatio-temporal processing. The resulting MIMO systems consist in transmitting several signals on the same frequency band and in the same time interval. Each signal is emitted by a different antenna. A network of antennas may also be used for reception to exploit spatial diversity. These systems have proved to be particularly efficient in certain cases to approach channel capacity. The Unit should give students a general idea of existing systems and their specificities. Students will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the setting up of algorithms during lab work.
Location  : BREST
Coordinator  : Frédéric GUILLOUD
Co-Coordinator  : Christophe LAOT
Credits IG 3A  : 6
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