UV1 MAJ RES: Architecture and Protocols for networks - Spring 2018/2019

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Fundamentals of Local area networks are presented in the first course unit. Then internet protocol (IP) is described as a protocol for network interconnection in the second course unit.
The third course is dedicated to signalling systems because they are the basis of service development. The last module includes new architectures like mobile networks, voice over IP and telephony over IP.
Location  : BREST
Coordinator  : Alberto BLANC
Credits IG 2A  : 8
Credits IG 3A  : 8
Credits MSC1 IT/AEIOT  : 8
Credits MSC1 IT/CSNE  : 8
Credits MSC2 IT/AEIOT  : 8
Credits MSC2 IT/CSNE  : 8
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RES 301 P Local Area Networks G.Papadopoulos   Incomplète 10-01-18
RES 302 P IP Network fundamentals N.Montavont   Incomplète 10-01-18
RES 303 P Mobile Networks: from GSM to UMTS L.Nuaymi   Incomplète 10-01-18

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